What little I have heard and read from the spiritual zone make me believe that Brahman is the impersonal (Avyaktigata bhavam) bhava of God.  There are only two things, one the impersonal form of God, Brahman or PARAMATMA (God) and the other theKARMA.  

PARAMATMA is like the air inside and outside of a pot kept open, the mouth up words. When the pot is broken or destroyed, the air inside and outside becomes one. Brahman is like that. It is not an Object, it is the Subject, and the one and only Subject. The potency of the Brahman is of great magnitude, diverse and quite indescribable – ‘‘Ananatham, Ajnatham, Avarnaneeyam”. Living things can live only on a Living Substratum and that is the Brahman, the impersonal form of God. Is there any personal form (Vyaktigataroopam) of God? Yes, of course, Brahman can take any form. We will come to that in the midst of the following lines.- KARMA is the consequence of our actions, done by ‘Manasa, Vacha and Kamana’- including that of our past janmas. There is no way out, to escape from KARMA. Every ‘paramanu’ of it, we have to experience.  What we sow, so we reap. Brahman remains a witness to it, like to its Maya or deluded potency. Understanding this great truth, and to make it convenient, comfortable and easy for those dull-minded -‘manda budhis’- like us, to worshipping with focused attention and concentration, our ancient Sages/ Seers/ Rishis, sitting austere and sublime, doing severe penance and ‘tapas’ in the dark caves of Himalayas and other such sacred  places, where they could commune with the Brahman, which could create, sustain  and annihilate anything and everything in its simple imagination -(Sankalapamathrayil)-  classified, like Bhagavan Veda Vyasa divided Vedas, into three forms  from Brahman as ‘Bahma, Vishnu and Maheswara’. Our Seers made it clear  that they are not different from Brahman, the PARMATMA or God, but only to give the devotees a personal form or attribute (Vyaktigatha swabhavam) to worship with true faith, seeing them with their eyes, in the most beautiful and attractive forms.

 The great Seers of the Yore felt the pulse of the populace by their foresight that even the Trio manifestation of  Brahman, as Brahma,Vishnu and Maheswara, is difficult to reach by them and so they were given thirtythree crores of manifestation of Brahman, in a vibrant variety of form of demigods or Devas and Devis. Now they can pick and choose the Deva/Devi, they like to worship in a bhakti/prema/valsalya bhava of their own, in close proximity , as and when they like. People got very satisfied, they worshipped and still worshipping their Moorthis, gladly for material, and sometimes for spiritual benefits. It proved a fact that God alone or people alone, cannot live happily; only when interacted together they can live, which is called ‘Lokayutham’ or materialism. It reminds me of Jawaharlal Nehruji’s words, ‘The East is East and West is West, but when both combine, produce the Best”

Bhagavan is capable of doing anything sitting quietly in His Abode, by His sankalapa alone. I doubt, He is taking  various Avataras, not only for ‘Parithranaya sadhoonam,  vinashaya cha dushkrtam, dharma samsthapanarthaya etc., alone, but also for He is so immensely  merciful, loving and kind towards His creations, He cannot live alone there, without mixing and mingling with His loved ones.  But what He suffered on that account for us, is unaccountable, unimaginable and we cannot pay off the debt even if we had 7  janmas more. 

Man, as a social being cannot avoid society, especially house-hold people. This may be the reason why Lord Krishna loves more  devotees from ‘Grahastasramis, ’than from ‘Sannyasins’, as He spoke in Srimad Bhagavat Gita. We should be social for a meaningful and happy life in the world and always indebted to God.  God, whether in personal form or impersonal form, is Omnipotent and is ‘Sudha Satwa’. By birth itself it is so, since Bhagavan was born in the   Milky Ocean (Palazhy).  He is  ‘Ksheerodakashayi’. But, we are born in the amniotic fluid (water) of our Mother- Udakodakashayi. We are not born Sudha Satwa, by birth. It is also not  easy to become Sudha Satwa, since by birth itself, we are an admixture of the    three gunas-Satwa, Rajas and Tamas- put together. It says that in the colorful  abode of Bhagavan, Vaikuntam, there is no rain, heat, AC, rest rooms or the like. There are no entrails like ours, inside Bhagavan’s Body. Bhagavan’s Body is clean and it is called ‘Sachit’- Thirumeni. He is always inSachidanandaSwaroopa.  It says that Brahmaji took  years and special extra ordinary things like sky buds, roots  of grinding stones etc., from various places, for making the Thirumeni of Lord Krishna. In the final stage , after so many procedures, it became  unique and effulgent by itself, producing ‘Kodi Soorya Prabha’.  Srimad Bhagavatam says that Lord Krishana is ‘Poornam, Brahma Sanatanam’. So, He is Poorna Brahmam.  We need not necessarily worship any other God, when Krishna is there.   He is easily available -‘sulabham’ too for  us, but quite unknowingly we are searching God somewhere else, keeping Him  always with us. He is ‘Bhavagrahi’. He knows our Bhava fully well, towards Him  and towards any other things. He wants only our unconditional love.  He is pouring it on us, in unalloyed form. Make Him happy with service, He will make  us enjoy our life. Do not go even a step back  from His service, thereafter.

 I think it is high time for us to stop the search of any other new God.  Live strictly observing ‘Sanatana Dharma’, which is not alien to us, since what  we follow unknowingly every day in our life is Sanatana Dharma or BhagavataDharma. It is in our blood. Human birth, I humbly feel is to be used a for making Bhagavan happy, serving Him as much as possible to express our deep gratitude  towards Him and not asking for more things. Do our Karmas unto His Lotus Feet,  the Karma Phala will not afflict us and we will never get any punarjanma, aswell. Sadhu seva is Narayana Seva. Satsangam enlightens us in spirituality and gradually due to inner transformation, we will develop love towards God and people.

 Walk through the path of Dharma (righteousness), hold the flame   of Vairagya (dispassion towards unnecessary things) in your hand, let there be  tears of Bhakti towards God in your eyes with gratitude, and the ultimate aim  be, to acquire Jnana – Brahma Jnana (the knowledge about the impersonal form ofGod). The above path leads us to Self-realization and God-realization, which  will make us Jeevan-Muktas.

                            Jai Hind.                                    God bless America.

                            ‘Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu’

         ‘PadaravindameSharanam, Guruvayoorappa Sharanam’.